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Is prepaid better for a self-employed business person?

Self-employed business people would do well to consider a really great prepaid plan – we explain why in this article.

You are often conflicted with the question, ‘Should I switch to postpaid from my prepaid phone connection?’

Postpaid connections do have their uses, but prepaid connections are not inferior to them at all. In fact, leading providers like Airtel some of the best prepaid plans to offer, with a high amount of daily data, low pack price, high pack validity and many unique features. As a businessperson, you might automatically think that you are about to use your phone a lot – but wait. Consider the situations in

which you should stick to your prepaid plan:

* When your usage is low.

As a new businessperson, you are singularly invested in starting off on the right note and building your contacts. Working for yourself entails days and nights of hard work, with very few breaks for holidays. There is scarcely any time for live streaming sports matches or watching films on your phone, since you are constantly in meetings or setting up contracts with new clients and vendors. Your phone will most likely function as a device that makes or receives phone calls and texts, apart from providing an Internet gateway for transferring money, paying bills, etc. For low usage, an efficient prepaid plan like the Airtel prepaid Rs 199 or Rs 399 should be sufficient.

* If you don’t require a high amount of daily data.

Or you might wish to involve your phone in your business operations, by scheduling Skype or video calling with clients and potential recruits. You may not always have a laptop screen open in front of you, so if you wish to confer with business associates on the go, your phone can help you out. But be sure to pick a good prepaid plan that offers a reasonably high amount of data daily, such as Airtel prepaid, which offers 1.4 GB daily 3G or 4G data. This should suffice for on the run working, but make sure you pick a pack with a high validity (anything over 70 or more days is great).

* You are based in the office all day.

Your business might be office-based or more to do with streams like accounting, web design, writing and so on. Your work does not require you to be on the field all day, so you spend a lot of time at your desk communicating with the world via the broadband connection on your computer. The use of your phone becomes secondary in this case – so why invest in an expensive postpaid plan when a basic prepaid plan can suffice?

* When you want quick recharge without any hassles.

You do not have any time to waste as you set out to conquer the business world. Your attention must be focussed on the most important tasks and not on trivial issues like prepaid recharge. But this is done only when your service provider gives you easy recharge options that take hardly a minute to complete. Trust Airtel prepaid in this regard – it has the best recharge packs at the moment, and recharging your connection via the myAirtel app is the easiest and fastest job in the world.

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