Improve The Visibility Of Your Site By Referencing

Improve The Visibility Of Your Site By Referencing

If you surf the web regularly, and this is probably your case if you read this tutorial, then you have most likely already seen advertising on many websites. Have you ever wondered how these advertisements arrived on these websites and what they served?

Now that you are a webmaster (and a webmaster knowing how to reference his site in addition to that!), You may be wondering these questions. We will answer them in this chapter and we will come out a little of the topic of SEO. That said, as I have already said, web marketing and SEO are inseparable ideas today

The pub: what is it and what is it for?

Advertising on the web

What is Web Advertising?

Advertising … vast subject. I will try here to explain to you what it serves and why it is there … anyway on the web, otherwise we risk not getting out. It would take at least a second course to explain all aspects of advertising, and I myself do not have the skills to explain all of this here.

Advertising, if you look good, you have a little everywhere around you … the web does not escape. For example, the Zero Site broadcasts advertising as well as Facebook or YouTube. The wealth of web technologies makes it possible to find it in several forms:

  • A hyperlink to HTML;

  • An animation made with JavaScript;

  • An animation made with Flash;

  • a picture ;

  • a video

In short! We have a little bit of everything. But what interests us most is to know why she is there. The answer is actually very simple: if the websites broadcast advertising, it is to make money . You are also webmasters, and you will sooner or later have to ask yourself the question of advertising, especially if your site starts to grow and have real potential.

So, I will also be able to earn money through my website with advertising?

Yes ! You can also earn money through advertising on your website, provided that it is already online and accessible. This is actually the only two conditions to be able to advertise on your site and start making money. If your site is in production, you can start advertising it now. Of course, the ads you show will not earn you millions if your site only makes two or three visits a day. This is normal since you’re starting out, but that’s the idea.

How to advertise on its site?

To have the possibility of broadcasting advertisements on its site, it is necessary to resort to the services of an advertising network . This is a new term that we will have to define, but it is not very complicated to understand. To plagiarize a little bit Wikipedia: an advertising network is a company, like Google, which puts in relations of advertisers and publishers . From this definition, which should not speak so much to you, I would like you to focus on the terms advertisers and publishers .


Advertisers are the companies that “create” advertisements. Basically, it is the companies that seek to promote themselves through advertisements. If you see an advertisement for a Book of Zero on the web, the advertiser will be Simple IT, the company that publishes the Book of Zero collection. This is valid for all types of advertisements: if you see an advert on the new Zelda video game that is going to come out, the advertiser is Nintendo, the company that produces the Zelda series.

The publisher

Publishers are the “media” on which advertisements are broadcast. In the case of the web, it is a site. For example, if you see an advertisement for sports shoes on Facebook, the Facebook site is the publisher. In the case of advertising for the upcoming Zelda video game on television, the publisher is the channel on which you see the advertising go on. If you understood that, it’s all good. Your goal is to advertise. So you are in the category of publishers … finally, for the moment, “future publishers”

And the role of the board in all this?

If you understood this story of advertisers and publishers, it’s great; We do not need more to understand the role of the advertising agency. The role of the board is to put you, the publisher, and the advertiser who wants to promote a product through advertising.

The problem is that there are a lot of advertisers, and a lot of potential publishers. In principle, advertisers want their ads to be displayed on sites with themes related to their product. For example, if Nintendo wants to advertise on the web to promote a new Zelda, Nintendo will want this ad to appear on Zelda-themed websites and this is normal. In this way, it is known that the advertisement will be of interest to visitors to the website, and that the public who sees the advertisement will have a much more tendency to stop on advertising, to click on it, and to buy the game, Makes money to the publisher and the advertiser. That ‘ Targeting is called . Of course, I only gave you a very simplistic idea of ​​the matter. Marketing specialists would gladly tell you that you take into account a lot of elements so that the visitor who comes face to face with the advertisement wants to click and buy

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