Optimize a Google Adwords Campaign - Part 1

How To Optimize a Google Adwords Campaign – Part 1

Creating a Google Adwords campaign takes only a few minutes, and this can bring back a lot of visitors very quickly.

By cons when you start talking about profitability and qualified visitors, it is difficult to know exactly what the campaign performance and especially if his current campaign is well designed or is lame .. .

This is why we offer you this folder detailing how to create and optimize a Google Adwords campaign .

We will take a “real” example with an already existing campaign carried out to make known a site of holiday rentals in Brittany

This example is all the more interesting, as we start from a current situation with an “amateur” campaign, which will highlight what most newcomers currently do on Adwords.

Nevertheless this example will have some constraints: it will not be to attract as many people as possible, but to respect a maximum budget / day.

Indeed the  offers only 3 holiday rentals in Brittany, the offer is therefore relatively low.

In addition, holiday rentals are subject to a strong seasonality (see below via Google Trends and especially Google Insight ), and finally we will have to take into account the rental filling rate that will result from the campaign (eg you will have to use Negative keywords to avoid searches on periods already reserved, favor rentals with 9 people when those with 4 will be full …).

On the other hand we have as another constraint not to redo the site (although it deserves it!).

We will therefore spend a budget of maximum 2 to 4 € / day between May and August (corresponding to a subscription to a “classic” site of holiday rentals ads), and it is only in the second part of this File that we will optimize a specific landing page for Google Adwords ads.

Meanwhile we will send the prospects either on the home page (generic ad) or on the different types of rentals according to the keywords targeted (house 4 people, 9 people …), although it should not be done If you really want to optimize your ads (you always need a home page specifically designed for Google Adwords).

Why use Google Adwords?

Before launching, here are some figures to know about the importance of a campaign of keywords:
– 30% of the visits on a website referenced on Google come from the sponsored links .
– 70% come from natural SEO , but among these 10% to 15% erroneously land a page site.

It is important to remember that sponsored keyword campaigns are complementary to natural referencing,and that these two tools must therefore be used.
On the other hand, unlike natural SEO, Google Adwords is an advertising medium where you have complete control of the text that will be displayed, the page on which the readers are landing …

In this case we will only discuss Google Adwords ad placement in Google search engine results pages, not ads displayed in google affiliate sites (the content network) that display advertisements “Adsense”.

Indeed the optimization of Adsense ads are particular, because the goal is to attract prospects by free (ex: white paper, audit, quiz …) to then sell, or to propose irresistible offers (ex: promos on the big ones Brands, calling products, cheap products …), use visual ads (eg pictures, animations …) and target very precisely the sites to display your ads (do not let Google display ads on sites ‘he wants !).

Indeed Adsense ads appear on blogs, forums, news sites … where Internet users are there to “distract” outside a act of purchase (unlike searches on the Google search engine or Internet users are looking for information).

For Adsense it will be necessary to use bids on generic keywords (for volume), and sometimes a little distant from its products, and bet on a volume strategy with a lower CPC (you will not address buyers) .

Additionally it is generally far less profitable to publish ads on Adsense because there is a much larger click fraud.

So if you have not already done so, disable the content network of your Adwords campaign, to create a specific one for Adsense.

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