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How To Advertise On Youtube?

How to Advertise on Youtube? How to create a video campaign on Youtube?What are the advertising formats on Youtube? If you’re really a beginner about advertising on YouTube, I advise you before starting this guide to re-read this tutorial on basic Youtube formats . For all others, we will discuss Youtube campaigns, Adwords campaigns for videos as well as all the means at your disposal to communicate on the Youtube platform.

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1. Promotion of videos on Youtube
Youtube allows from its interface to promote one of your videos in order to reach a wider audience. This offer is of course payable. Payment is at “cost per view”.

The promotional offer of videos on YouTube allows access to 2 formats of advertisements. A Youtube campaign must include a mix of two.

1. The Trueview In-Stream format to promote your video spots before a similar Youtube video with the ability for the user to spend your spot after 5 seconds. You pay only if a viewer watches it for 30 seconds or until the end if the ad is shorter.

2. The Trueview InDisplay format to promote a video through ads to your video or channel page. Your InDisplay ad consists of a thumbnail image and text displayed next to similar YouTube videos. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad to watch your video.

To create an advertisement on Youtube:

1. Sign in to your Youtube
account 2. Go to your video manager
3. Select the video you want to promote (non-mandatory video chat). Be sure to take the greatest care of the video you want to promote so as not to blow up your budget and meet your goals. Consult the tutorial to create quality video spots

5. You will then be redirected to the Youtube campaign creation page

6. Click “Create a campaign” to be redirected to the interface for creating your video ad

7. Choose your overall budget beyond which the campaign will stop or set a daily budget.

8. Refine your targeting by clicking on “Let me choose who sees my ad” by selecting specific countries, cities or regions for your video.

9. Choose “interests” to target a passionate auto audience if you sell cars or computer if you sell software.

10. Click “Next Step” to access the InDisplay ad creation interface. These ads meet the same quality criteria as a regular text ad . Your goal is to create a combination text + thumbnail that truly prompts to click. The higher your click-through rate, the less you’ll pay each click.

Your InSearch ad is already ready because it is just the video you chose to promote at the beginning of this campaign.

11. Once you have validated this step, Youtube will redirect you to this page so that you can manage your campaign from Google Adwords. Click “Sign in to Google Adwords” or create an account.

12. Once in Adwords, Google will ask you to validate your campaign and your banking information. If everything is in order and completed, click on “Create and diffuse the campaign” in the page base to put your Youtube campaign online.

2. Adwords Video campaigns

If you already have a Google AdWords account, you can create and manage video campaigns from Google’s ad management interface. You will need to link your Youtube account and Google Adwords beforehand.

1. In Adwords, in the left menu, search for “Associated Youtube Accounts” (under “All Video Campaigns”)

2. Click “Link Youtube Channel” and follow the procedure

By linking your Youtube account to Google Adwords, you’ll be able to manage your Youtube campaigns directly in your advertising management interface through online video campaigns.

AdWords video campaigns give access to 3 formats of Youtube advertising:

1. The Trueview In-Stream format that was previously seen and used to promote a commercial before or during a Youtube video. Payment is at “cost per view”.

By default on Adwords Video campaigns, your video ad is accompanied by a right column banner from Youtube.

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