Advertise On Facebook

How To Advertise On Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook
Facebook ads, thanks to the variety of its formats and the fineness of its targets, have become a simple and effective way to reach nearly all of your potential customers in a few years thanks to its number Active users and its high penetration rate in Europe and worldwide.

Advertising on Facebook vs Advertising on Google

On this ground of the number of daily users, Facebook now competes with Google. However, understanding the difference between these two (complementary) platforms is the key to truly benefit from advertising on Facebook.

1. Google is a search engine: users come to Google to perform “queries” with an intention that goes from the simple taking of information until the passage to the action (buying, making contact, downloading …) By way of requests for the purpose of deepening and comparing. As such, advertising on Google is more direct and aims to respond to the client’s intention by presenting an ad suited to his need to get him to take action.

2. Facebook is a recommendation engine: Facebook users connect not to “search” content but to “discover” it through the sharing of their friends, family and news pages or possibly brands To which they subscribe. The latter are not in an active attitude of seeking information or product. Therefore, running classic ads on Facebook will not allow you to get good performance.

To succeed on Facebook, you will either:
– Promote excellent content and then try to convert your visitors into customers
– Translate your ads into excellent content

Create Effective Facebook Ads

A successful Facebook ad must therefore:

1. Bringing maximum value to the user: through a special offer, a discount, a free guide to download …

2. Use the levers of virality: Facebook users are weaned from advertising, avoid classic commercials and play on emotions : laughter, shock, emotion, anger, surprise, secret …

The good publication practices on Facebook apply to your ads. Make your ads interesting and engaging.

Check out the tutorial to make your viral advertisements

3. Make you want to click, lik, comment and share using clear call-to-action on your images and in your texts (“Ready for a two-way trip?” “Click to get your free sample” or even “An activity in Paris?” Targeting only Parisians).

Your ad will fit better into your target news feeds and with a better click through rate, your ad will run better with Facebook and your cost-per-click will go down.

To find inspiration, learn from the best and observe best practices

4. Be quickly decrypted by the brain: use bright colors, simple shapes, faces and visuals readable even in small.

5. Be tailored your visuals and messages to your ideal customer. Never run a campaign without having a clear idea of ​​who you want to attract.

So make sure that your messages and visuals speak to this population, that they recognize themselves both in the language used and in the pictures representing them as a customer.

Hootsuite, a tool to manage social networks, features young people, stylish with their MacBook in a cottage (!). In short, the perfect image of the young and connected community manager. This undeniably speaks more than a photo of a businessman in tie costume out of a stock photo.

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