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prepaid plan

Is prepaid better for a self-employed business person?

Self-employed business people would do well to consider a really great prepaid plan – we explain why in this article. You are often conflicted with the question, ‘Should I switch to postpaid from my prepaid phone connection?’ Postpaid connections do have their uses, but prepaid connections are not inferior to them at all. In fact, […]

Advertise On Facebook

How To Advertise On Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook Facebook ads, thanks to the variety of its formats and the fineness of its targets, have become a simple and effective way to reach nearly all of your potential customers in a few years thanks to its number Active users and its high penetration rate in Europe and worldwide. Advertising on Facebook vs Advertising on […]

Advertise On Youtube

How To Advertise On Youtube?

How to Advertise on Youtube? How to create a video campaign on Youtube?What are the advertising formats on Youtube? If you’re really a beginner about advertising on YouTube, I advise you before starting this guide to re-read this tutorial on basic Youtube formats . For all others, we will discuss Youtube campaigns, Adwords campaigns for videos as well as all […]