How To Advertise On Facebook?

Advertise On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook
Facebook ads, thanks to the variety of its formats and the fineness of its targets, have become a simple and effective way to reach nearly all of your potential customers in a few years thanks to its number Active users and its high penetration rate in Europe and worldwide.

Advertising on Facebook vs Advertising on Google

On this ground of the number of daily users, Facebook now competes with Google. However, understanding the difference between these two (complementary) platforms is the key to truly benefit from advertising on Facebook.

1. Google is a search engine: users come to Google to perform “queries” with an intention that goes from the simple taking of information until the passage to the action (buying, making contact, downloading …) By way of requests for the purpose of deepening and comparing. As such, advertising on Google is more direct and aims to respond to the client’s intention by presenting an ad suited to his need to get him to take action.

2. Facebook is a recommendation engine: Facebook users connect not to “search” content but to “discover” it through the sharing of their friends, family and news pages or possibly brands To which they subscribe. The latter are not in an active attitude of seeking information or product. Therefore, running classic ads on Facebook will not allow you to get good performance.

To succeed on Facebook, you will either:
– Promote excellent content and then try to convert your visitors into customers
– Translate your ads into excellent content

Create Effective Facebook Ads

A successful Facebook ad must therefore:

1. Bringing maximum value to the user: through a special offer, a discount, a free guide to download …

2. Use the levers of virality: Facebook users are weaned from advertising, avoid classic commercials and play on emotions : laughter, shock, emotion, anger, surprise, secret …

The good publication practices on Facebook apply to your ads. Make your ads interesting and engaging.

Check out the tutorial to make your viral advertisements

3. Make you want to click, lik, comment and share using clear call-to-action on your images and in your texts (“Ready for a two-way trip?” “Click to get your free sample” or even “An activity in Paris?” Targeting only Parisians).

Your ad will fit better into your target news feeds and with a better click through rate, your ad will run better with Facebook and your cost-per-click will go down.

To find inspiration, learn from the best and observe best practices

4. Be quickly decrypted by the brain: use bright colors, simple shapes, faces and visuals readable even in small.

5. Be tailored your visuals and messages to your ideal customer. Never run a campaign without having a clear idea of ​​who you want to attract.

So make sure that your messages and visuals speak to this population, that they recognize themselves both in the language used and in the pictures representing them as a customer.

Hootsuite, a tool to manage social networks, features young people, stylish with their MacBook in a cottage (!). In short, the perfect image of the young and connected community manager. This undeniably speaks more than a photo of a businessman in tie costume out of a stock photo.

Change The Icons of Your Android Apps

Change The Icons of Your Android Apps

Every time you install a new application, Android will automatically create a shortcut on your mobile desktop. Unlike Windows, Google’s mobile operating system does not allow you to change the image of the icon, or even the name associated with it. Fortunately there is a way around this prohibition.

Customize the Android desktop

As amazing as it sounds, Android does not have a module worthy of the name to truly customize the screen of its mobile . It is possible to move the icons, add widgets but nothing has been provided to easily change the icons of its favorite applications. And yet this function proves indispensable to give his smartphone a totally personal look.

The launchers very often offer multiple options to customize the home screen of their mobile. Unfortunately these launchers are far from free of defects. Some are heavy battery consumers and others are slowly slowing down the machines on which they are installed.

Edit images of your icons

To change the desktop icons on your mobile phone without having to make complex manipulations, you will need to install the free VisualizeR Desktop application. This small utility available on the Play Store will allow you to create a shortcut from your favorite images . The operation will only take a few seconds. That’s why it is not offered by default on all Android phones.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • In the search field type Desktop VisualizeR
  • Click the Install button to start downloading the application
  • Launch Desktop VisualizeR
  • Press the Select icon button and choose from the list the type of image you want to associate with your shortcut (personal photos, icon pack etc.)
  • Then click the Action button and select the application of your choice
  • In the label field , you can rename your icon by giving it the name you want
  • Confirm by pressing the OK key

Here you just create a custom shortcut. Now you just have to delete the old icons from your desktop. Note that the notifications tabs appearing on the SMS app will no longer appear after you have customized it. Note that you will find on the net hundreds of packs of icons already made to change the look of your smartphone.

Choosing The Default Applications for Android

Choosing The Default Applications for Android

One of the highlights of Android smartphones comes from its many customization possibilities. It is very simple you can practically change everything. If you want to play your videos, watch movies, or listen to music with a different application than the default one on your smartphone, that’s fine. Google’s system is extremely flexible and even allows you to choose the application with which you want to open a file type (image, videos, text documents etc.).

Associate an application with a file type

If you are in the habit of regularly switching to an audio player, image editor or video player, you will be very happy to be able to define a default application for your music tracks and multimedia files. When you first open a file type (PDF, movie, text document, song) Android will ask you to choose from the applications available on your smartphone the one you want to use.

Rest assured that this choice is not final. However, changing the association of a file type with an application is more complex than it seems. The application management tool on Android is indeed not very intuitive.

Change the default application for an action

We will now see how to configure a default application to perform a specific task (listen to music, watch a video, read an e-book) on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Choose a default application

It has certainly happened to you by clicking on a file, to see appear on your screen this type of menu (continue with). The Android system asks you to choose the software with which you want to open your file. In the list, you select an application and then validate by clicking the “Always” or “Once only” button.

If you click on the first button, the selected application will now be used by default each time you attempt to open such files. If you click the “Once” button, you will have to repeat the operation and choose an application from the list again.

Edit your choice

For example, let’s say you just chose the VLC software to play your videos. To change this choice, you will need to follow the following procedure.

  • Open the Settings for your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Click the Settings tab and then click the “All” tab
  • In the application list, select the default application that you want to change. In our example we will click on the VLC icon
  • A window labeled Application Information will open
  • Scroll down to ”  Start by default “
  • Click the Delete Default Actions button

This is how you disable the default application. The next time you open a video, Android will prompt you to specify which application to use for that type of file.

How To Change Application Names

Change Application Names

Android series for beginners, today we offer a tip that will allow you to put your smartphone or tablet in order: how to change the names of the apps?

  • What is Android? Here’s a guide for beginners
  • How to set up your Android tablet or smartphone for the first time
  • With an application

Normally, it is not possible to change the name of your applications as easily as this. But you know us, we do not often lower our arms! We have found an application, called Icon Changer, which makes it possible to achieve our goal very easily, without need of root or technical knowledge.

  • Open the Icon Changer application, then click the middle icon representing a green Android and a red Android
  • From the list of applications, choose the one you want to modify
  • Change the name according to your wishes
  • Confirm with OK
  • The application simply creates a shortcut.  Android PIT

This allows you to create custom application shortcuts on your home screen, but be careful: applications and widgets will remain under the same name in the application drawer!

  • Version of the app: 3.6.2
  • Size of the app: 7,10 Mo
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 4.0 or more
  • Business model: free

Icon Changer free

With a launcher

There is also another solution, parallel to the one we have just presented: some alternative launchers ( what is a launcher? ) Allow to modify the names of the applications. I recommend Nova Launcher, one of the easiest to use.

  • Launch the launcher
  • Click for a few seconds on one of the application icons
  • Choose “Edit”
  • Enter the desired name, and it’s over!

Android: Change The Default Application for An Action

Android Change The Default Application for An Action

As with any other system, it is possible to define a default application for any action, such as viewing a file type, opening a link, or performing any other specific operation. Changing this behavior can be as simple as complex depending on the action.

Except that once a defined application, it is more difficult to find the choice. If the chosen application is a problem or a better solution is available, it is of interest to be able to modify this important setting. The first solution is to go to the “System Settings”. Go to the “Applications” menu and click the “All” tab.

There, scroll down the list and select the application defined by default for the action you want to “free”. Scroll down to the “Default Action” category of the software. There appears a “Delete Default Actions” button, grayed out if there is no linked or available action to stop it from automatically triggering it with the desired operation.

Install or uninstall an application on Android

Another way, just as logical, to find the menu of choice is to modify the list of available applications. When choosing the application, Android checks all software that is compatible with the requested operation. If the user assigns a default software, Android saves the full list of applications available at that time. If this list is changed, the “default” character is removed to reflect the change.

Simply install or uninstall an application that competes with the default application to reset the setting. These software are available on the Google Play Store or alternative stores.

Uninstalling an Android application is as much a way to reset the “default” setting of a compatible action as easily freeing up space on the system partition of your device

To uninstall an application, go to “System Settings” and then “Applications”. Select the application you want to delete, simply click “Uninstall” and validate the warning. You have now found the application selection menu for the actions with which it was compatible.

How To Optimize a Google Adwords Campaign – Part 1

Optimize a Google Adwords Campaign - Part 1

Creating a Google Adwords campaign takes only a few minutes, and this can bring back a lot of visitors very quickly.

By cons when you start talking about profitability and qualified visitors, it is difficult to know exactly what the campaign performance and especially if his current campaign is well designed or is lame .. .

This is why we offer you this folder detailing how to create and optimize a Google Adwords campaign .

We will take a “real” example with an already existing campaign carried out to make known a site of holiday rentals in Brittany

This example is all the more interesting, as we start from a current situation with an “amateur” campaign, which will highlight what most newcomers currently do on Adwords.

Nevertheless this example will have some constraints: it will not be to attract as many people as possible, but to respect a maximum budget / day.

Indeed the  offers only 3 holiday rentals in Brittany, the offer is therefore relatively low.

In addition, holiday rentals are subject to a strong seasonality (see below via Google Trends and especially Google Insight ), and finally we will have to take into account the rental filling rate that will result from the campaign (eg you will have to use Negative keywords to avoid searches on periods already reserved, favor rentals with 9 people when those with 4 will be full …).

On the other hand we have as another constraint not to redo the site (although it deserves it!).

We will therefore spend a budget of maximum 2 to 4 € / day between May and August (corresponding to a subscription to a “classic” site of holiday rentals ads), and it is only in the second part of this File that we will optimize a specific landing page for Google Adwords ads.

Meanwhile we will send the prospects either on the home page (generic ad) or on the different types of rentals according to the keywords targeted (house 4 people, 9 people …), although it should not be done If you really want to optimize your ads (you always need a home page specifically designed for Google Adwords).

Why use Google Adwords?

Before launching, here are some figures to know about the importance of a campaign of keywords:
– 30% of the visits on a website referenced on Google come from the sponsored links .
– 70% come from natural SEO , but among these 10% to 15% erroneously land a page site.

It is important to remember that sponsored keyword campaigns are complementary to natural referencing,and that these two tools must therefore be used.
On the other hand, unlike natural SEO, Google Adwords is an advertising medium where you have complete control of the text that will be displayed, the page on which the readers are landing …

In this case we will only discuss Google Adwords ad placement in Google search engine results pages, not ads displayed in google affiliate sites (the content network) that display advertisements “Adsense”.

Indeed the optimization of Adsense ads are particular, because the goal is to attract prospects by free (ex: white paper, audit, quiz …) to then sell, or to propose irresistible offers (ex: promos on the big ones Brands, calling products, cheap products …), use visual ads (eg pictures, animations …) and target very precisely the sites to display your ads (do not let Google display ads on sites ‘he wants !).

Indeed Adsense ads appear on blogs, forums, news sites … where Internet users are there to “distract” outside a act of purchase (unlike searches on the Google search engine or Internet users are looking for information).

For Adsense it will be necessary to use bids on generic keywords (for volume), and sometimes a little distant from its products, and bet on a volume strategy with a lower CPC (you will not address buyers) .

Additionally it is generally far less profitable to publish ads on Adsense because there is a much larger click fraud.

So if you have not already done so, disable the content network of your Adwords campaign, to create a specific one for Adsense.

Angers Welcomes Google On 12 And 13 May 2017

Angers Welcomes Google On 12 And 13 May 2017

On 12 and 13 May, Google France inaugurates in Angers at the Theatre Le Quai the first stage of a tour across the country in terms of digital training. In a dedicated space, conferences, workshops and personalized counseling sessions will be offered to enable everyone to acquire new digital skills. Participation is free and without registration. A program adapted to everyone: developing online visibility for professionals, acquiring skills in digital marketing for students, initiation to code for children, keys to safe browsing on the Internet for families, etc. Finally, the event will also be an opportunity to (re) discover many local successes in the fields of innovation, economy or culture.

Google for Pros

In partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, this initiative exists since 2012. Its goal: to develop free of charge the digital skills of traders, small and medium businesses and to improve their online presence. Our Coaches criss-cross the French cities to meet the traders and regularly organize training events in the regions.

Improve The Visibility Of Your Site By Referencing

Improve The Visibility Of Your Site By Referencing

If you surf the web regularly, and this is probably your case if you read this tutorial, then you have most likely already seen advertising on many websites. Have you ever wondered how these advertisements arrived on these websites and what they served?

Now that you are a webmaster (and a webmaster knowing how to reference his site in addition to that!), You may be wondering these questions. We will answer them in this chapter and we will come out a little of the topic of SEO. That said, as I have already said, web marketing and SEO are inseparable ideas today

The pub: what is it and what is it for?

Advertising on the web

What is Web Advertising?

Advertising … vast subject. I will try here to explain to you what it serves and why it is there … anyway on the web, otherwise we risk not getting out. It would take at least a second course to explain all aspects of advertising, and I myself do not have the skills to explain all of this here.

Advertising, if you look good, you have a little everywhere around you … the web does not escape. For example, the Zero Site broadcasts advertising as well as Facebook or YouTube. The wealth of web technologies makes it possible to find it in several forms:

  • A hyperlink to HTML;

  • An animation made with JavaScript;

  • An animation made with Flash;

  • a picture ;

  • a video

In short! We have a little bit of everything. But what interests us most is to know why she is there. The answer is actually very simple: if the websites broadcast advertising, it is to make money . You are also webmasters, and you will sooner or later have to ask yourself the question of advertising, especially if your site starts to grow and have real potential.

So, I will also be able to earn money through my website with advertising?

Yes ! You can also earn money through advertising on your website, provided that it is already online and accessible. This is actually the only two conditions to be able to advertise on your site and start making money. If your site is in production, you can start advertising it now. Of course, the ads you show will not earn you millions if your site only makes two or three visits a day. This is normal since you’re starting out, but that’s the idea.

How to advertise on its site?

To have the possibility of broadcasting advertisements on its site, it is necessary to resort to the services of an advertising network . This is a new term that we will have to define, but it is not very complicated to understand. To plagiarize a little bit Wikipedia: an advertising network is a company, like Google, which puts in relations of advertisers and publishers . From this definition, which should not speak so much to you, I would like you to focus on the terms advertisers and publishers .


Advertisers are the companies that “create” advertisements. Basically, it is the companies that seek to promote themselves through advertisements. If you see an advertisement for a Book of Zero on the web, the advertiser will be Simple IT, the company that publishes the Book of Zero collection. This is valid for all types of advertisements: if you see an advert on the new Zelda video game that is going to come out, the advertiser is Nintendo, the company that produces the Zelda series.

The publisher

Publishers are the “media” on which advertisements are broadcast. In the case of the web, it is a site. For example, if you see an advertisement for sports shoes on Facebook, the Facebook site is the publisher. In the case of advertising for the upcoming Zelda video game on television, the publisher is the channel on which you see the advertising go on. If you understood that, it’s all good. Your goal is to advertise. So you are in the category of publishers … finally, for the moment, “future publishers”

And the role of the board in all this?

If you understood this story of advertisers and publishers, it’s great; We do not need more to understand the role of the advertising agency. The role of the board is to put you, the publisher, and the advertiser who wants to promote a product through advertising.

The problem is that there are a lot of advertisers, and a lot of potential publishers. In principle, advertisers want their ads to be displayed on sites with themes related to their product. For example, if Nintendo wants to advertise on the web to promote a new Zelda, Nintendo will want this ad to appear on Zelda-themed websites and this is normal. In this way, it is known that the advertisement will be of interest to visitors to the website, and that the public who sees the advertisement will have a much more tendency to stop on advertising, to click on it, and to buy the game, Makes money to the publisher and the advertiser. That ‘ Targeting is called . Of course, I only gave you a very simplistic idea of ​​the matter. Marketing specialists would gladly tell you that you take into account a lot of elements so that the visitor who comes face to face with the advertisement wants to click and buy

How To Advertise On Youtube?

Advertise On Youtube

How to Advertise on Youtube? How to create a video campaign on Youtube?What are the advertising formats on Youtube? If you’re really a beginner about advertising on YouTube, I advise you before starting this guide to re-read this tutorial on basic Youtube formats . For all others, we will discuss Youtube campaigns, Adwords campaigns for videos as well as all the means at your disposal to communicate on the Youtube platform.

Free download: click here to retrieve your 13 free guides to master the social networks and improve your performance + 14 PDF files on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest …

1. Promotion of videos on Youtube
Youtube allows from its interface to promote one of your videos in order to reach a wider audience. This offer is of course payable. Payment is at “cost per view”.

The promotional offer of videos on YouTube allows access to 2 formats of advertisements. A Youtube campaign must include a mix of two.

1. The Trueview In-Stream format to promote your video spots before a similar Youtube video with the ability for the user to spend your spot after 5 seconds. You pay only if a viewer watches it for 30 seconds or until the end if the ad is shorter.

2. The Trueview InDisplay format to promote a video through ads to your video or channel page. Your InDisplay ad consists of a thumbnail image and text displayed next to similar YouTube videos. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad to watch your video.

To create an advertisement on Youtube:

1. Sign in to your Youtube
account 2. Go to your video manager
3. Select the video you want to promote (non-mandatory video chat). Be sure to take the greatest care of the video you want to promote so as not to blow up your budget and meet your goals. Consult the tutorial to create quality video spots

5. You will then be redirected to the Youtube campaign creation page

6. Click “Create a campaign” to be redirected to the interface for creating your video ad

7. Choose your overall budget beyond which the campaign will stop or set a daily budget.

8. Refine your targeting by clicking on “Let me choose who sees my ad” by selecting specific countries, cities or regions for your video.

9. Choose “interests” to target a passionate auto audience if you sell cars or computer if you sell software.

10. Click “Next Step” to access the InDisplay ad creation interface. These ads meet the same quality criteria as a regular text ad . Your goal is to create a combination text + thumbnail that truly prompts to click. The higher your click-through rate, the less you’ll pay each click.

Your InSearch ad is already ready because it is just the video you chose to promote at the beginning of this campaign.

11. Once you have validated this step, Youtube will redirect you to this page so that you can manage your campaign from Google Adwords. Click “Sign in to Google Adwords” or create an account.

12. Once in Adwords, Google will ask you to validate your campaign and your banking information. If everything is in order and completed, click on “Create and diffuse the campaign” in the page base to put your Youtube campaign online.

2. Adwords Video campaigns

If you already have a Google AdWords account, you can create and manage video campaigns from Google’s ad management interface. You will need to link your Youtube account and Google Adwords beforehand.

1. In Adwords, in the left menu, search for “Associated Youtube Accounts” (under “All Video Campaigns”)

2. Click “Link Youtube Channel” and follow the procedure

By linking your Youtube account to Google Adwords, you’ll be able to manage your Youtube campaigns directly in your advertising management interface through online video campaigns.

AdWords video campaigns give access to 3 formats of Youtube advertising:

1. The Trueview In-Stream format that was previously seen and used to promote a commercial before or during a Youtube video. Payment is at “cost per view”.

By default on Adwords Video campaigns, your video ad is accompanied by a right column banner from Youtube.

How To Definition Digital Marketing Word

Definition Digital Marketing Word

The digital marketing using digital channels to sell a product or promote a brand with consumers. It is based on the development of the use of Internet and connected objects. Websites, social networks, mobile sites, applications for smartphones and tablets, GPS, podcast, online videos are at the heart of digital marketing.

The main tools of digital marketing are commercial emailings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) , Affiliation (where a trademark proposes its products on the site of a trademar

Translation of the word Marketing Digital in English
Web marketing Web marketing
Web-based marketing of digital channels (Internet, connected objects, social networks, online videos, etc.).
The digital marketing refers to selling products via digital channels (Internet connected devices, social networks, online videos …).

Synonym (s) of the word Marketing Digital
marketing electronic, e-marketing, web marketing, cyber marketing, digital marketing