Are you visiting Munich First Time? Read our 7 Tips to save time and Money

Are you visiting Munich First Time? Read our 7 Tips to save time and Money

Munich is one of the greatest cities in Germany; in fact it is ranked as one of the most expensive in all of Germany. Munich is a historic city and still shares the modern day gorgeousness of German urban life. As a tourist, you need to cut your spending and try as much as you can to save on money spent and even save time else you might well be in debt before you leave the city. This article will help you learn few ways to save money and time as tourist in the city of Munich. By the way don’t get carried away by too much fun in the city, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Get in cheap

Most students and senior citizens get discounted entry into concerts and museums in the city of Munich. Even if your student card is issued in far away Africa, it will be accepted here, just make sure you display it to those at the ticket section and you will be offered the discount. To know what discount you qualified for, simply look out for the word “Ermäβigingen” at the ticket section. Arm yourself with the Munich Tourist attractions map to see everywhere you can visit in the city.

  1. Use the metro

The efficient and famous U-Bahn and S-Bahntrains of the city of Munich will do you better than taxi; I will say forget the taxis. For three days, the trains cost just €16.80 while a one-way trip is just around €2.90. Taxis charge far more than this and can be a pain for tourists to use. The local festival closes late in the night, around 11pm, the trains therefore work for an extra 1 hour or more so people closing from the festival can get home in them.

  1. Know when to go and save time

For the first timers, it is a tradition to wake up as early as 6am to score for tents, but the fact remains that tents do not open until around 11am and closes around 11pm. The local in the city of Munich know that Oktoberfest festival weekdays are for free walk-in to any beer tent for drink while the weekends are usually for sunny beer gardens in the afternoon. You need to make it to the Oktoberfest festival before 4pm so as to get a reasonable seat but the beer is what makes the Oktoberfest festival fun at its peak. Know more about the Oktoberfest festival  by clicking here.

  1. Try hostels instead of hotels

Hotels are good, in fact great but the cost of a decent hotel is on the high side in Munich. Hostels on the other hand are decent and cheap in Munich and many of them even offer private rooms. Try the CVJM/YMCA hostel or the Meininger hostel and you will find out how cheap they are. Some of these hostels even rival 2 to 3 star hotels in amenities and  even cleanliness.

  1. Checkout BMW Welt

The BMW welt is decked in sunray-attracting photo voltaic panels. It is one of the most amazing architectural pieces in the world. It is a huge mass of glass and steel rising towards the heaven to meet a totally flat surface.

Some of the most beautiful cars are on display inside the mass glass house on special exhibition in a museum with an interactive display. The exhibition also includes other sub brands of the BMW, which are Rolls Royce, Mini, Husgvarna motorcycles and BMW itself.

  1. Visit the old Nazi concentration camp

Shortly after Hitler came to power in 1933, the  Konzentationslager Dachau concentration camp was the first camp that was opened . Over 32,000 people who are mostly Jewish died and were also murdered in the camp. The Konzentationslager Dachau concentration camp is now free to visit to all and sundry and it is a site of reflection on the horrors and the holocausts of the war. There is also a small museum depicting what life and death was like when the camp was functioning, the prisoners’ quarters and even unused gas chambers.

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

You will be able to see the best of Munich city from the top of an open roof hop-on hop-off bus tour. The bus tour takes only 1 hour to explore the city but as a tourist, if you have more time on your hands, you can explore for at least 24 hours, your ticket allows you the flexibility.

You can hop-off at Alte Pinakothek to view the works of great artists of old, more from 14th century to the 18th century. You can even hop-off at Marienplatz to see the Munich city town hall in its glory with its great towers and careillon, the old town hall, the open air market and even St. peter’s cathedral.

The Munich hop-on hop-off bus starts the journey from Bahnhofplatz, across the main railway station. There are six major stops including the starting point and other stops include a stop at Alte Pinakothek, Odeonsplatz, Nationaltheater, Marienplatz and Karlsplatz (Stachus). You can easily click here for Munich bus tours comparison .

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