Android Change The Default Application for An Action

Android: Change The Default Application for An Action

As with any other system, it is possible to define a default application for any action, such as viewing a file type, opening a link, or performing any other specific operation. Changing this behavior can be as simple as complex depending on the action.

Except that once a defined application, it is more difficult to find the choice. If the chosen application is a problem or a better solution is available, it is of interest to be able to modify this important setting. The first solution is to go to the “System Settings”. Go to the “Applications” menu and click the “All” tab.

There, scroll down the list and select the application defined by default for the action you want to “free”. Scroll down to the “Default Action” category of the software. There appears a “Delete Default Actions” button, grayed out if there is no linked or available action to stop it from automatically triggering it with the desired operation.

Install or uninstall an application on Android

Another way, just as logical, to find the menu of choice is to modify the list of available applications. When choosing the application, Android checks all software that is compatible with the requested operation. If the user assigns a default software, Android saves the full list of applications available at that time. If this list is changed, the “default” character is removed to reflect the change.

Simply install or uninstall an application that competes with the default application to reset the setting. These software are available on the Google Play Store or alternative stores.

Uninstalling an Android application is as much a way to reset the “default” setting of a compatible action as easily freeing up space on the system partition of your device

To uninstall an application, go to “System Settings” and then “Applications”. Select the application you want to delete, simply click “Uninstall” and validate the warning. You have now found the application selection menu for the actions with which it was compatible.

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