Advantages of Using React Native in Developing Mobile Apps

Advantages of Using React Native in Developing Mobile Apps

It is impossible to imagine life without an Android or iPhone that are loaded with applications today. Apps are an indispensable part of your life with React Native being an essential part of mobile app development in turn. As easy as apps are to use, their development needs specific expertise and considerable investment. Cross-platform development is a cost-effective framework to form cross-platform native mobile apps. Read on to find out more about the advantages it brings to you.

  1. It is Free: The most significant benefit of all is that React Native is free. It is entirely open sourced meaning developers can use its frameworks and libraries without paying anything at all! React Native functions under the MIT license that comes with limited restrictions on the reuse of software and grants proper legal protection to the app developers.
  2. Leading Companies Use React Native: Facebook itself had developed React Native back in 2015, and now, four years later, leading companies like Instagram, Tesla, Pinterest, et al. are using it too. Since Facebook is a significant investor and is committed to this framework, React Native has become a trusted framework for the developers. Many of the reliable and popular app developing agencies such as Parsed Developers use the React Native platform as well.

3.Community Matters: React Native is a community-driven framework created by Facebook and has been pushed forward by the development community continuously. It is an open-source platform which means that all documentation related to the technology is free and openly available for access into the React Native community. This is a significant advantage that comes with a community-driven program.  You can, therefore, hope for the assistance of other community members especially when developing iOS apps.  Another advantage of such a platform is that the code writers and app developers get due recognition from the community and create their portfolios here too. If need be, they can also discuss the problems that they faced during particular app development.

4.Simplified User Interface: React Native is all about the simplified and mobile user interface. When compared to other platforms or frameworks such as  MeteorJS or AngularJS, React Native this one looks like a JavaScript library. The user interfaces designed in React Native are entirely smooth, easy to use and have a considerably decreased load time making it the first choice of many developers.

Apps have now become crucial to our lives. It is indeed difficult to imagine our lives without mobile apps. From finding a suitable route to reach somewhere to ordering food, from buying stuff to selling them, we do it all through a few clicks on the relevant apps. In such a scenario where developing apps is merely a necessity, be it for Android, or for iOS, a user-friendly framework like React Native is very much required and is entirely useful.

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